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When a closeted all-boys highschool student [Vin Amodia] grabs an opportunity to express his effeminate side, how do his friends [Bo Oliva, John Sainz, Kyle Cabahug] react when they see him being this way for the first time?


Charmingly nicknamed the Cateneans, the cats of the Ateneo de Manila University campus give the students, faculty, and staff some semblance of peace in an otherwise stressful academic setup. But beyond their cute and furry appearances, the Cateneans play a vital role in ADMU's ecosystem and sustainable development.

Cinematic Reels [Events and Modeling]

One Big Pride 2022

Ateneo Bonfire 2023

Darren Rubio [01]

Darren Rubio [02]


AXIS: Lost in Translation

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AXIS: Captured Minds

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Life can be dangerous, especially for a student. A university student has to face two of her worst nightmares: coming late to a major exam and an evil clown hellbent on catching her. Trying to escape from him, she must try to take advantage of the one thing that can take down the clown.

Highschool Films (Archive)

Jeremy, an adolescent teenager, explores a strange forest and learns more about himself by speaking to those he meets while trying to escape a malevolent entity.

Short film made to promote the Three Guys Cookies and Fries business for the 11th grade class.

Teaser for 2018 work camp documentary.