The Misfit Short Film


The Misfit  - Official Trailer

When a closeted all-boys highschool student [Vin Amodia] grabs an opportunity to express his effeminate side, how do his friends [Bo Oliva, John Sainz, Kyle Cabahug] react when they see him being this way for the first time?


Vin Amodia as The Protagonist

Vin plays the high school boy whose soft, effeminate tendencies make most people assume that he's innocent, naive, and needs to learn more about the world and himself. Growing up with mostly straight and cisgendered boys, he always felt like a little bit of an outcast among his friends. Having spent most of his life in the closet, he wonders how his friends would react if they discovered his effeminate side as much as he fears it.

Bo Oliva as The Sacred Friend

Bo plays the guy who's what you'd expect to find if the Bible was incarnated into a man. Although you would never suspect it from his youthful and charming personality, he's read the entire holy book from cover to cover several times and can recite any passage in Greek, Latin, or English from memory. Though not much else is known about his personality, one thing is for certain: he will always be there to take care of his friends.

John Sainz as The Swiss Army Friend

John plays the all-star athlete with a full scholarship in an honors class. Whether it's sports, academics, or even art, he is somehow always able to excell in whatever he does. Even though every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him, his modest nature doesn't allow him to realize this fact.

Kyle Cabahug as The Friend Mom Warned You About

Kyle plays the bro that's always the life of the party. If the two of you paired up for a group assignment, you can be sure that you won't get the assignment done but you will have a fun night of partying. Although he may be a little sexist and rude, he probably still has a kind heart somewhere if you look hard enough.

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